2018-01-01 to 2018-01-15


Social Logins for ID.bootscale

    • First time users can now register at ID.bootscale via Social Logins.
    • The currently supported Providers are Google and Facebook.
    • Already registered users must link their Social Logins from the Account Management - otherwise a new account will be created.


Landingpage Update for Datamop.EU

    • The Datamop.EU website is now showing updated information about Datamop and its currently free use offering. Users can now access the Datamop Web-App or register at ID.bootscale directly from the website. 

Updated Login Screen of Datamop Web-App

    • The Datamop Web-App now automatically redirects to ID.bootscale, since a registration and login is required to use Datamop.

Delete Mops via Web-App

    • Users will now be able to delete Mops (including all Markers of a Mop) from the Web-App. A corresponding button was added at the top of a Mop entity.

Performance Improvement for Document Viewer

    • The document viewer service (integrated in the Web-App) is now backed by more powerful cloud resources and the routing rendering requests was improved. You can expect an improvement of document rendering up to seven times faster.

Bug Fixes

Web-App: Synchronization Manager

    • The cyclic synchronization mechanism for keeping Mops and Markers in sync with the Web-App could end in an inifinite loop - resulting in a client-side JavaScript memory leak.

Known Issues

    • Documents with a larger page count might take longer than expected during various processing steps.
    • Documents with a large amount of Mops and Markers might not be shown properly in the Web-App and the performance might be decreased. Successfully synchronized Mops  and Markers will be processed properly during the output stage though.
    • We received user feedback where the results of a Cognitive Analysis aren't feasible for the user's intent and the Document's content.
    • There are reports where an Output Job might not finalize with a deterministic result.
    • There are reports where the "Save to Google Drive" functionality for an Output doesn't work properly. We are currently investigating this issue

Feedback Contributors

Thanks to the following users of Datamop for their feedback.
We are happy to hear from all users about their thoughts and feedback. Contact us at support@datamop.eu or register at https://support.bootscale.com and submit your feedback via our portal.

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